Rental conditions

1. Car rental conditions:

  • ID card
  • driving license
  • address card
  • 40 000 Ft deposit in Hungary, between 50 000 Ft and 70 000 Ft on abroad (details can be found below)
2. Order
  • Our cars are taken throughout the Budapest.
  • Cars are only possible to rent with the delivery service.
  • The car rental fee and security deposit can be paid on arrival.
  • The order is valid only if it is confirmed.
  • If we do not feel our cars in safe, we are not obliged to conclude a contract, it does not depend on the confirmation.
3. Category Order:
  • In the case of some cars we only add an order to the same category.
  • Category I: Suzuki Swift II, Hyundai Getz
  • Category II: Peugeot 406, Chevrolet Lacetti Sedan
4. Delivery charges:
  • Toll-free reception and transfer of working days during working hours 06h-17h between the Ors leader in the field, and it is possible to stop Kistarcsai ardor. 
  • Ferihegy small shipping and delivery time fee of HUF 1,000 / occasion
  • after working hours Ferihegy small shipping and delivery fee HUF 2,500 / occasion
  • with other small local delivery fees please contact us.
5. Deposit:
  • The car rental is 25 000 Ft in Hungary.
  • It is 50 000 Ft to the following countries: Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, and Slovenia.
  • It is 70 000 Ft to the other countries.
  • We do not allow our cars to the following countries: Ukraine, Albania, Turkey.
6. Other information:
  • Daily kilometer limit applies to our cars, 400 kilometers included in the rent. In the case of monthly rental it is 6 000 kilometers.
  • All cars have a casco insurance.The deductable of the casco insurance is 10%, but not less than 100 000 Ft.
  • Every car has a national highway sticker!