Rent a car

Rent a car at the surrounding of Gödöllő and Aszód
Bíró Family Autorent would like to inform you that you have possibility to rent a car at the surrounding of Gödöllő. You can receive the car at the MOL petrol station of Gödöllő. According to an unique agreement the car can be delivered to your home.

It is a big respect of our newcomers and loyal customers to visit our webpage. My name is László Bíró, the chief executive officer of Bíró Family Autorent. Let me show our company.

Our family business has many years experience in the car rental service build with the full confidence of clients, because when you rent a car, we do everything in order to provide a comfortable companion for you, all at affordable prices.

Select your vehicle from our supply of car that you need, which takes you to the destination. Not only high quality, low-class cars have to offer you, but also to get them cheaply. Our cars use throughout the country, and you do not have to be affraid if you are planning a family vacation abroad, because we provide the possibility to reach the rental car in foreign countries, reaching the coast or the mountains. You can choose to travel by car for your needs and it is longer or shorter period of time you want to rent a car because the rental period is completely flexible. You can be sure that you make the right decision when you borrow a car from us, because our cars regularly maintained, in good condition, and youth.

If you need a reliable companion and all this you would like to receive cheaply, please contact us, Bíró Family Autorent is available, as we would like to fill your day with positive experiences until our services are received.

Have a pleasant day.

Autorent cheaply and conveniently